Cyborg Media Tech is the leading and most Prolific Graphics Design Training Institute in Faisalabad provides the affordable in-person Graphics Design Training Course and Mentoring by Professional Designers. Graphics Design involves a blend of creativity and technology to communicate a message through images to reach the target audience. Graphic Designer implies their ideas wonderfully well into graphics to present the information. Graphics designer’s duties vary widely from web design and banner design to logo design or any interactive materials your company or clients require. Nowadays, skilled Graphic Designers are of utmost importance for a company because to increase sales and elevate their status, and the company requires eye-catching graphics on their website and social media platform.

Graphic design is such an important part of our visual world that examples can be found almost anywhere.

Your daily newspaper or favorite magazine will have layout and visual content prepared by a Graphic Designer. Commercials, whether printed or multimedia, will have been through a graphic design phase. So will design CD covers, business logos, TV & movie credits, and Internet websites.

The list goes on…..

Graphic designers use to create more beautiful and attractive pictures. Their ideas can motivate, inform and appeal to clients, from logo design and page layout to enormous traffic-stopping billboards.

Our graphic design course cover all basics starting from design software and publishing to typography. We will allow you to get employed or placed in print, film, electronic and digital media

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on training using the latest tools & techniques
  • Learn to create High multimedia content for Promotional Campaigns, Print, Publishing, TV ads, advertisements & visually appealing websites, etc. 
  • Learn graphic designing, animation, UI & UX etc. to get interactive websites. 
  • Work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma etc. 
  • Specialization & creating a portfolio in the area of your interest
  • Industry Expert faculty teaching

Career Opportunities

After the successful completion of the Graphic Design Course in Digital Stalk, the students can spot themselves in Design studios, Ad Agencies, Publishing Firms, and in any other design-related industry. Some of the job positions are listed below:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Brand and Identity Designer
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Art Director
  • Visual Designer
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Magazine Designer
  • Creative Director

Advantage of Graphic Designing Course

  • Express you’re Creativity – The important advantage of a graphic designer is the skill to show your creativity, while still earning a great living.
  • Web/Print Flexibility – The best thing about being a graphic designer is that you have different levels just like in fine art. The two big ones being print and web. Web is clearly more new and still relatively new.
  • Huge Client Base – Some businesses have a limited client base, but every business needs a graphic artist. If a business is going to do marketing than someone is going to need to design those marketing materials.
  • Freelance potential – My favorite part about the graphic art career is the ability to easily do freelance work online.
  • Run Your Own Studio – If you have ever dreamed of having your own studio or office than you could turn your freelance business into a larger operation and begin running your own studio.
  • Work In-House – If you are not ready for doing freelance you can own studio or you can always work full-time for someone else. Working In-House can give you the stability you need for peace of mind.

To build your portfolio, It’s crucial to carefully construct your learning plan and continually advance your skills to become successful designer. So If you’re creative and have a good hand on technology, then the graphics designer career path is for you because your demand will be all time high in every sector due to tremendous growth of the media industry. Therefore, our aim is to shape passionate students with immersive training to meet today’s industry need and build a strong foundation in Graphics Designing.

Cyborg Media Tech is one-stop source for finding Graphics Designing training course in Faisalabad, Pakistan. With our short course and your small commitment will lead to a big reward for you. We imparts the Best Graphics Designing Training Course because our course is comprehensive and practical. We guide people from all backgrounds to change their lives through our career-focused short term courses in Faisalabad. Our evening and offline course that work for both college students as well as full and part-time employees

Here are some additional features:

  • Experience and Inspiring Trainers : Our trainers bring their years of industry experience during the course. They are expert and passionate about delivering inspiring training as they know training inside out. They will advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best possible result.
  • Prerequisites for Graphics Designing course: You should have basic computing knowledge.
  • Certificate : After completing this training you will receive a course completion certificate in Graphics Designing Training so you can get recognition for your new skills
  • Support and Careers Advice : Our trainers are always ready to help you with any problems or questions regarding Graphics Designing. We prepare students for facing Interview questions and help them to build their online resume. Our more than 70% of students are placed in good MNCs.

“Our Students Success is Our Mission”.

Facebook E-Commerce Course outline

Session 1: Introduction to Graphic Design
  • What is graphic designing?
  • What are Types of graphic designing?
  • What are Elements of graphic designing?
Session 2: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and illustrator?
  • Difference between vector and Raster?
  • What is the use of Adobe Photoshop?
  • What is the use of Adobe illustrator?
Session 3: Logo Designing
  • What is logo design?
  • What are the types of logo design
Session 4: Business Card Designing
  • What is Business card?
  • What are the Types of business card?
Session 5: Brochure Designing
  • What is Brochure designing?
  • What are the types of Brochure designing?
Session 6: Social Media Kit Designing
  • What is a Social media kit?
  • What is the purpose of a Social media kit?
Session 7: Book Cover Designing
  • What is a Book Cover?
  • How to design a book cover Using Adobe Photoshop and illustrator?
Session 8: Vector Tracing
  • What is a vector?
  • What is Vector Tracing?
  • How to trace a Vector in Adobe illustrator?
Session 9: Basic Photo Editing
  • What is Photo Editing?
  • How to edit and enhance an image in Photoshop?
Session 10: Using Mockups & Templates
  • What are Mockups and templates?
  • How to edit templates and use Mockups?
  • Where to get free Mockups and templates?
Session 11: Basic FIGMA Introduction
  • What is FIGMA?
  • Why we use Figma?
Session 12: UI-UX Basics
  • What is UI-UX designing?
  • What tools can be used to design a UI-UX?
  • Difference between UI-UX?
Session 13: Packaging Design
  • What is Packaging design?
  • How to design a packaging?
Session 14: Label Designing
  • What is label?
  • How to Design a label?
Raheel CMT

Raheel Talat

Do you want to build a successful career in GRAPHIC DESIGNING and become a top-tier Designer? Join up-to-date Graphic Designing course in Pakistan to learn basic to advanced concepts from the ground up.

It is a regular Graphic Designing training with Onsite/Physical classes led by an expert trainer with 5+ years of experience. You will be taught from basic theory of graphic designing to advance level practical work including Logo, Brochure, Business Card, Social media kit, Product, Label Designing and MUCH MORE.


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