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Expand your learning horizons with an advanced training facility.

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Expand your learning horizons with an advanced training facility.

By Adeel Talat


Learn how Cyborg Media Tech gives professional training on various modules of Digital Marketing. Let’s understand this course better.

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Arriving in this digital era, Digital Marketing has been gaining pace quickly to empower businesses and brands. It has been a crucial factor in helping them to reach the global audience and gain traction. Hence, Startups and Companies everywhere have been actively looking for digital marketers that could contribute to their rapid growth. Our Digital Marketing Training Courses are designed with an approach that lets you learn digital marketing strategies, but also to adapt them in practical spaces. You learn once, but you improve often.

Course that We Offer

Our Digital Marketing Course is designed considering the beginners in this field, starting from enhancing primary concept building and reaching advanced complicated strategic improvement. This allows for an enriched learning experience and opens doors for better career opportunities ahead. For the convenience of our learners, we have categorized our curriculum under 16 modules.

Digital Marketing Course Outline

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This module focuses on enhanced learning of the basics of Digital Marketing. This comprehensive course allows for a deep understanding of Digital Marketing, its importance and relevance in today’s world, its requirement for the growth of a company, and many more. The objective is to give the learners a clear idea about the basic concepts, their usage, and significance, before they go further deep into it. The key points covered in this module are :

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing
  • Elements of Digital Marketing, Categories and Segregation
  • Various Digital Marketing Mediums
  • Various Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Basics of Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This module of Digital Marketing is aimed at imparting a detailed knowledge of Search Engines, Optimisation, its strategies, benefits, and overall practical experience. We don’t just teach our students. We make them implement it, hence developing their skills. Practical training is the most important when it comes to SEO. This module includes —

  • What is a Search Engine?
  • What is SEO?
  • Why SEO?
  • Types, Categories, and Elements of SEO
  • Levels of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Various SEO Strategies and Techniques
  • Multiple SEO Tools and Plugins
  • Linking, Interlinking, Hyperlinking and Backlinking
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO
  • Use of Google Analytics

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This module includes detailed research and study of Search Engine Marketing, particularly on Google. By enrolling for this module, you will achieve a deep understanding and knowledge of Google and its algorithms. You are allowed to develop skills in working Google Adwords, AdSense, etc., and using them for the benefit of any business or brand. This module includes —

  • How does Google Work?
  • Google Ads, Adwords, AdGroups and AdSense
  • Use of Google Analytics
  • All about Keywords
  • What is SEM?
  • Why SEM?
  • Factors affecting SEM
  • Types, Categories, and Elements of SEM
  • Strategies and Techniques of SEM
  • Benefits of SEM for businesses
Social Media Optimisation, Marketing, and Management (SMO, SMM)

Given the importance of Social Media in the current scenario, this module focuses on studying various social media platforms and their optimization for businesses. The main objective is to use the potential of social media to increase the visibility of businesses online as well as engage directly with the customers for product and service improvisation. It includes —

  • Where social media platforms and their relevance as per requirement
  • Benefits of Social Media for businesses
  • Reaching the target audience using content
  • Customer Acquisition on social media
  • A detailed study of Social Media Algorithms
  • Use of Social Media Tools, Plugins and extensions
  • Social Media Branding
  • Social Media Campaigning
Email Marketing

Email Marketing has emerged as a popular marketing technique lately in the marketing arena, owing to the ease of information delivering that it offers. A lot of companies are now engaging actively and frequently with email marketing to reach their target audience more effectively. This module will give you a profound knowledge about email marketing, types, techniques, tools, and extensions that you would need to know before working with professionals. This module includes —

  • Essential Elements of Email Marketing
  • Types of Email Marketing
  • Data Collection for Email Marketing
  • Purpose and Benefits of Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing — Strategies, techniques and Email Creation
  • Using Tools and Extensions
  • Scheduling and Sending Bulk Mails

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an ideal way of acquiring more and more engagement on social media. This engagement is aimed not just at the numbers but also towards conversions into sales, subscriptions, and more. This module includes —

  • Content Marketing Basics
  • Types, elements, and categories of content
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Generating Leads using content
  • Target Audience analysis
  • Using WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Making Content Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is all about marketing through mobile phones. The average urban man spends so much time on his mobile phone in today’s world. Understandably, businesses and brands have now started to create smartphone-centric marketing strategies that are aimed at selling customers by reaching the target audience on their mobile phones. This module includes —

  • What is mobile marketing?
  • Its purpose and requirement
  • Various mobile marketing platforms
  • Effective mobile marketing strategies
  • Mobile marketing mediums and categories
  • Target audience analysis
Ecommerce Marketing

E-Commerce marketing has boosted online sales significantly in the last decade. E-commerce Marketing has now become a more extensive subject than it used to be. It now encompasses selling and buying through apps, websites, social media accounts, portals, or any other digital platform. This module includes the following components —

  • What is Ecommerce Marketing?
  • Website v/s ecom website
  • PPC marketing
  • Strategies for ecom marketing
  • On website Promotions and ads
  • Google analytics for ecom websites
  • Ecom website creation, languages used and techniques
Video Optimization

While Google remains an unbeatable search engine, YouTube has risen to become something much more than just a social media platform in the last decade. People and companies are actively engaging in practices that will make their videos rank higher in YouTube searches and appear in YouTube recommendations frequently. These videos could aim for monetization or sales and marketing, or just advertising. This module includes —

  • Video Optimisation Basics
  • Increasing views on Youtube videos
  • Monetizing Youtube videos
  • Increasing subscribers
  • Getting more watch time on the channel
  • Video ranking and trending
  • Use of metrics
  • Youtube Tools and extensions
Video Marketing

According to the findings of some popular surveys and researches, people are now watching more videos than ever before on the internet. This could include various online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Etc. These videos are aimed at promotions and advertising. This module consists of the following —

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • Video Marketing v/s Video Optimization
  • Using Google Ads
  • Sponsoring videos on various social media platforms
Lead Generation For Business

Lead generation is a tacky process. It is a vast subject and has numerous levels to it. Generating leads is neither easy nor tangible. However, lead generation is an important phase for any business or brand and requires active participation on all levels. This module aims at teaching the practical methods of acquiring customers through various sales funnel processes and marketing strategies. Here’s what this module includes —

  • What are leads?
  • Leads v/s Sales
  • Lead Generation with SEO
  • Lead Generation with SMM
  • Lead Generation with SEM
  • Sales Funnels
  • Sales Metrics
  • Micro v/s Macro Conversion
Google Webmaster Tool

For an advanced knowledge in Website Development and a better control over it, it is important to learn Google Webmaster in detail. Expertise on this tool will allow you a deeper understanding of SEO, SEM, and web development, and open better career opportunities for you. This module includes —

  • Using Google Webmaster Tools and Functions
  • Search Appearance
  • Data Highlighter
  • Rich snippets or Schema
  • HTML Improvements
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Using AMP in HTML pages
  • Understanding Search Analytics
  • Understanding the Queries
  • Reading Crawl Stats
  • Resolving the Crawl Error
  • Removing pages from Google Search results
  • Indexing pages in search engine
  • Optimizing website for better ranking on SERP
Google Analytics

This is another vital tool used by professionals in Digital marketing. A command on this tool will let you track the minute details of your website. You can also track user behavior and improvise or optimize it to try to change the same. This module includes —

  • Enabling and Using Google Analytics
  • Understanding its necessity and privileges that it allows the users
  • Real-Time Tracking on Google Analytics
  • Reading User Behavior and User Activity
  • Imposing a specific user behavior using smart techniques
  • Tack User Source
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has risen dramatically as a result of the popularity of social media and eCommerce market coupled with a splash of influencer marketing tangled with it. This form of marketing involves selling someone else’s products via affiliate links for a certain percentage of sales commissions. This module includes the following components —

  • Affiliate marketing Basics
  • Eligibility Criteria for affiliate marketing
  • Use of Keywords in affiliate marketing
  • Applying for Commission Junction and vCommission
  • CPA v/s CPL
Singular Certification

We offer training courses and Digital Marketing certification in specific tools and mobile sites to help you learn in more detail and highlight it in your CV. These Digital Marketing certification courses include detailed modules of the following —

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
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Adeel Talat

Do you want to build a successful career in digital marketing and become a top-tier digital marketer? Join our best online digital marketing course in Pakistan to learn basic to advanced concepts from the ground up.

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